Blox Fruits Tier List July 2024

Blox Fruits tier list where each fruit is rated out of 5 points for Damage, Visuals, and Fun. TIERFRUITDAMAGE POINTSVISUAL POINTSFUN POINTSSKitsune555SBomb555SBuddha550SDough553.5SVenom535SDragon535SMammoth4.544.5ST-rex43.54SLight3.554SSpirit3.545SPortal355ABlizzard43.54AFlame3.532.5AGhost353ASound354ARumble343.5AIce333AShadow333.5ADark2.543BMagma533BLove32.52.5BSpider32.52BSand2.522.5BPhoenix243BRocket23.51.5CSmoke321CQuake212CPain202CGravity132CControl11.54CRubber115CChop0.513CSpring0.503DSpike20.50DSpin0.521DFalcon0.500DDiamond000DBarrier004Blox Fruits Tier List Blox Fruits related post Latest Blox Fruits Codes Blox Fruits Best Accessories Blox Fruits Accessories Blox Fruits Tier List Updated Blox Fruits Best Fruits Tier List Blox Fruits Best Swords … Read more

Blox Fruits Controls PC and Xbox

On this page PC controls Blox Fruits Xbox controls Blox Fruits Here are lists of Blox Fruits Controls for PC and Xbox. Controls to move, jump, use ability, attack, activate and more actions in Roblox Blox Fruits game. Blox Fruits controls PC keys Q – Dash W – Move forward A – Move left S … Read more